• Side by side

    David Evendon-Challis and Dr John Creek on why collaboration will be key in developing credible microbiome solutions

  • Transforming the landscape

    How big tech and big pharma partnerships are providing deeper insights  and improving patient outcomes

  • In the shadows

    The pharma industry may just have more unsung heroes than any other.


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Thumbnail image for Prepare to engage

Prepare to engage

After the election, Brexit will finally become real. Pharma must be ready to engage or risks being left behind.

Thumbnail image for Removing the barriers

Removing the barriers

Merck's Maria Rivas discusses findings from the Supporting Women With Cancer report, which reveals some of the challenges associated with screening for cancer in women, and what more could be done to support the earlier detection of cancer and improve chances of survival.

Thumbnail image for Smart People: Hilary Hutton-Squire

Smart People: Hilary Hutton-Squire

PharmaTimes talks to Hilary Hutton-Squire, vice president and general manager of Gilead Sciences in the UK and Ireland, about the importance of valuing medicines in the right way

Thumbnail image for A clearer picture

A clearer picture

Marni Hall and Nicola Stanislaus look at the growing role of real-word evidence

Thumbnail image for Raising the bar

Raising the bar

A 2019 review has shown that the current system for detecting cancer is failing to reach its potential. Fujifilm’s Adrian Waller says we need a more tech-enabled and patient-centred approach

Thumbnail image for Unlocking value

Unlocking value

How can 2020 be the year that R&D really delivers value, people get real about data, and pharma starts to develop even better medicines?

Thumbnail image for Bag to the future

Bag to the future

For decades intrepid pharma sales forces navigated the road network of Great Britain with little more than paper, pen and personality – hoping that one day the tools of their trade would mirror the cutting-edge science of the products they showcased. In recent years, the digital era has truly arrived, but as 2020 looms, big challenges still remain

Thumbnail image for Going for gold

Going for gold

Who emerged victorious at this year’s Marketer of the Year, Communications Team of the Year and Sales competitions?

Thought Leadership

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Thumbnail image for The Value Exchange

The Value Exchange

Simon Grime, of Wilmington Healthcare, explains the principles of exchanging value with customers to gain trust and consent

Thumbnail image for Continuity in a  time of uncertainty

Continuity in a time of uncertainty

Tony Cordrey, vice president of European Strategic Operations Accord Healthcare, stresses the importance of ensuring consistency and continuity in medicines supply

Thumbnail image for Paving the way

Paving the way

Is Europe catching up (or pioneering the way) in digital therapeutics?

Thumbnail image for Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

Emma Knott, associate director and head of Social Media at Publicis Resolute, says there’s power in pharma’s core narrative


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Designing Pharma organisations for success

Across all industries, people are changing the ways they engage with products, services, and brands. View more...

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George Underwood
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