• Pharma’s coming home

    Growing confidence in the life sciences industry and the currency of individual experience has given patient centricity an injection of new life. It has also been essential in suppressing the coronavirus and establishing humanity’s position in the race against time

  • Rising to the challenge

    Jenny Ousbey outlines what we’ve learnt from the Patient Partnership Index 2021

  • Golden opportunities

    Collaborative working is a cornerstone of the government’s White Paper for the NHS, but how can pharmaceutical companies best get in on the act? Wilmington Healthcare’s Oli Hudson looks at six distinct ways in which industry can partner with NHS organisations to mutual advantage


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Web Exclusives

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Thumbnail image for Deeper digitisation

Deeper digitisation

Three ways technology can support NHS workers today, tomorrow and into the future

Thumbnail image for Supporting the new healthcare normal

Supporting the new healthcare normal

The healthcare industry has successfully brought effective vaccines to market despite massive disruption from COVID-19. But with global supply chains still stretched, what are the priorities for supply chain players as we move towards a ‘new normal’?

Thumbnail image for The patent waiver debate

The patent waiver debate

In recent months an intense debate has arisen about a potential waiving of patent rights on COVID vaccines. This article looks at the background to this debate, the relevance of patent rights to the COVID vaccines and the various issues raised by the different protagonists.

Thumbnail image for Engaging the masses

Engaging the masses

How the healthcare sector can learn from the ad industry  to better engage target audiences and improve education

Thought Leadership

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Thumbnail image for A life in a day

A life in a day

How immersive learning experiences can support and elevate patient-centricity goals in the pharma industry

Thumbnail image for Optimising NHS patient pathways in renal care

Optimising NHS patient pathways in renal care

Sue Thomas explains how Wilmington Healthcare's unique behavioural methodology is helping to define best practice pathways for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) during the pandemic


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Focusing on Patient-centricity for the Future of Pharma

Wednesday, 21 July 2021 - 2:00 pm

In healthcare, the patient voice is arguably the most important. Services and care work best when a person’s needs are fully met and they feel heard, respected and valued.

Mark Doyle, co-founder of The Method and creator of A Life in a Day


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