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The Great Oxford Debate

This house believes

“Patients have the right to the best medicines, regardless of cost”

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Thursday 20 September

Introduced by Dr Phil Hammond and led by the President of the Oxford University Union, you are invited to attend this year's PharmaTimes Great Oxford Debate that ''Patients have the right to the best medicines, regardless of cost'' taking place on Thursday 20 September in the hallowed and famous Oxford University Debating Chamber.

Proposing this challenging motion is:

Professor Richard Sullivan, Director, Institute of Cancer Policy and member of the Kings Health Partners Integrated Cancer Centre, Stephen Whitehead, Chief Executive, ABPI and Mr Eric Low, OBE, Chief Executive, Myeloma UK.

Arguing the case against the motion is :
The Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, MP, Chairman of the Health Select Committee, Professor Mike Pringle, President Elect, RCGP and Laura Weir, Head of Policy & Campaigns, MS Society and Chair, Patients Involved in NICE (PIN).

What do you believe? Do patients have the right to get the best medicines under the NHS Constitution? If the best medicine is the NICE approved medicine, just what are patients' rights? Are those aged over 65 being discriminated against? Or is it that the NHS simply cannot afford the best medicines?

If you'd like to join us at the debate, please book a place here and you will find the full Agenda here

More about the Great Oxford Debate
Established in 1993, the PharmaTimes Great Oxford Debate is one of UK pharma's premiere calender events.
At one level it promotes, encourages and magnifies debate about an important healthcare issue while at another, it provides a uniquely impressive forum where healthcare executives from all walks of life can meet and freely debate an issue without corporate packs on their backs!

Typically attracting an audience from industry, NHS and Parliament, these annual debates have benefited from some great speakers, including Ministers of Health, Chairmen of Health Select Committees, the FDA and Deputy FDA Commissioners as well as leading NHS consultants, BMA chairmen and wits such as Dr Phil Hammond.

For many companies it is an opportunity to take 'time out' with industry & NHS colleagues in an unrivaled setting, where some of the world’s greatest leaders have spoken.

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