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April 2014

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Next PDC meeting:

Earlier Access to New Medicines

Central London, 15 April 2014

You are invited to book your place at the spring PDC meeting on 15 April at the Royal Mint Court in central London from 12.30pm to 4.00pm. We will be addressing 'Earlier access to new medicines'.

We are delighted to have a wide range of speakers and thought leaders from McKinsey, NICE, NHS England and the MHRA see agenda button below. Join us to discuss the key issues and way forward. As Professor Sir Michael Rawlins said in 2013 'the system is broke'. It is almost too expensive to bring innovative medicines to market. New medicines take too long to develop and there are huge problems with patient access.

What to do?

According to Michael Edwards, Partner, McKinsey:

"Early access to medicines is a topic that encapsulates so much of what needs to be debated in the evolution of healthcare provision. Firstly, there are the questions it raises about the role of patient choice. If patients are fully engaged in their treatment decisions should they be allowed to accept the greater risk of products with less evidence? It is now widely accepted that there are 'special' circumstances where pre-regulatory approval access is appropriate, but there are much harder decisions to be made about products for non-critical conditions, with larger patient populations. Early access raises questions on the use of big data. As it becomes easier to gather large amounts of patient data from electronic health records it will be possible to understand risk benefit in something much more akin to real time, as product use grows. This could make the perceived step from uncertainty to confidence at regulatory approval seem outdated. And early access raises major questions on how the industry, regulators and other stakeholders work together to establish an appropriate approach, in the interests of patient care".

This is why PDC is bringing together the main stakeholders from NICE, NHS England and the MHRA to discuss this issue.


If you would like to attend, please book here:
To find out more, click here to see the agenda:

Attendance is free to PDC members and non-PDC members may attend at the price of £450 + VAT.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

PDC membership
PDC is a unique, informal, networking forum for UK pharmaceutical company directors to meet three times a year to focus on 'member-chosen' industry issues.

Safe Haven
PDC operates under the Chatham House Rules.

The meeting topics are selected by the PDC steering group and then finalised by Member ballot.

PDC frequently is the first industry forum to gather experts to discuss the latest news breaking topic.

PDC has organised three meetings a year since 1989, thus providing a regular and dependable forum for industry directors.

Expert Perspectives
PDC attracts top speakers who value the opportunity to share their views with the industry's leaders.

Added Value
For members, the presentation slides are made available electronically (most occasions).

Company Benefits

  • A personal copy of PharmaTimes Magazine is offered to all Member employees.
  • Free access to the popular (96,000 unique users (7 May to 7 June 2013) and daily World News e-news service is offered to all PDC Members and their employees.


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