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Just who do we trust with our health data?

july aug 2014So is being indefinitely delayed. Given the scale of the fallout it’s no big surprise, especially once the lay press got their teeth stuck in.

But if the premise and merits of are undoubted, why didn’t it work? As Kingsley Manning, chair of the HSCIC, says, critics believe in the principles, they “just don’t like how it’s been done”.

Instead of protesting that the lay press has got it in for them, or that the public just doesn’t understand – those involved in healthcare need to accept that ultimately it comes down to reputation.

Do we get our knickers in a twist when Apple unveils its HealthKit app – designed to collect and aggregate our personal information to create an individual profile of health? No. Rather, the response is one of excitement, one of possibility, not of suspicion.

It’s certainly no coincidence that Apple has just earned its place at the top of Barron’s list of the world’s most respected companies (

The power of data has the potential to transform the way patients live their lives. But public trust needs to be earned by pharma and the NHS – and individuals need to feel they can participate in their own health management – before an enterprise of this scale can hope to succeed.

Claire Bowie
Managing Editor

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