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According to Google, today is the slowest rate of change we are ever going to witness. With not a moment in the day when we are not consuming some kind of media, the firm anticipates that by 2017 there will be more than 10 billion connected devices – more than the global population.

In this world of instant gratification, what does this mean for our health? And just what does it mean for pharma?

This extraordinary level of connectivity generates huge swathes of data, which can be translated into insight about consumers. But what is stopping firms from using this insight to deliver a richer experience for the patient?

Yes pharma is bound by regulations. But it’s about being creative around the barriers that you have rather than trying to smash them out of the way.

Perhaps industry needs to take a leaf out of Google’s book and say “if you’re not trying things and getting it wrong then you’re not innovating”.

If pharma wants to join this world it needs to be more transparent. It needs to be part of the conversation – and not just play on its own territory. In short, it needs to become more human.

As is often said, change is the only constant. And this digital explosion is not only set to turn healthcare on its head – but also the industry we know today.

Claire Bowie
Managing Editor

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