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Hunt vs junior doctors
Shock after fatal drug trial    
Shire and Baxalta merge in $32bn deal
Roche links with NIHR for rare disease trial
£1bn for UK mental health services


A problem shared?
Research efforts across the sector could be improved if organisations were more willing to share hidden data

When two become one
The problems of merging two company Boards

Chasing the consumer
Pharma needs to move at the speed of the consumer, but to do this it will need to harness a new set of skills

A bumpy road ahead?
Global health spending is recovering, but pharma will need to watch out for increasing demand and stock market turmoil

Thinking outside the box
Proposed changes to the UK Patent Box scheme mean that businesses need to scrutinise their R&D activity more closely

Mutating science
Better understanding of the science behind rare genetic diseases could lead to new treatments in blockbuster areas

Access denied
A review of chapter five of the PPRS could put patient access schemes and flexible pricing under threat


Shock therapy    
Welcome to the exciting world of bioelectronics medicine

An open relationship    
Pharma and HCPs need to get on board with new payment disclosure rules, or full legislation might be the next step


Leader of the pack
The UK is fast becomming an attractive location for pharma R&D, says Mark Samuels from the NIHR

'There's no such thing as a patient'
Nicky Walsby, executive director of Health Unlimited, discusses the need for pharma to focus on the end consumer

This month’s job moves and new appointments

Patient Files
Living with the poorly-undersood skin disease lupus

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