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Total unique circulation: 21,431 (February 2017)

Press dates 2017:

  • June issue: Press day: 25 May
  • July issue: 29 June
  • September issue: 24 Aug
  • October issue: 21 Sept
  • November issue: 19 Oct
  • December issue: 23 Nov

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For more information on advertising in PharmaTimes - or for a 2017 forward editorial list - contact:
Business Manager Anna Yeardley, or
Business Manager Luci Chalk,
tel +44 (0)20 7240 6999.

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DISPLAY / H x W / £
DPS (307x430mm)£5,000
IFC/OBC (307x220mm)£2,750
Full page (307x220mm)£2,500
1/2 page (185x120mm)£1,500
1/3 page (58x262mm)£2,100
Banner (185x40mm)£625
Business Insights 1, 2 or 3+ pagescall +44 (0)20 7240 6999 or email to discuss
Comment box 100/200 words£500/£1,000
Section sponsorship, inserts, belly-band, false coverscall +44 (0)20 7240 6999 or email to discuss
DPS (307x430mm)£6,250
Full page (307x220mm)£2,750
1/2 page (185x120mm)£2,500
1/4 page (90x120mm)£1,375
Recruitment news entry£300/month


ONLINE / Ad format / size / £
Mini banner (271x50px)£500/month
Featured 'Job of the month' plus logo£1,000/month
Natural text listing of one vacancy plus logo£750/job listing
More than one vacancy£2,000
annual membership for unlimited vacancies


ONLINE / Ad format / £
Leaderboard (728x90px)£2,000/month
MPU (top) (300x250px)£2,000/month
Mid-position banner (300x250px)£1,800/month
Mini-banner (recruitment) (271x50px)£800/month
Top horizontal (580x70px)£1,200/wk
Middle horizontal (344x74px)£600/wk
Bottom horizontal (580x70px)£500/wk
Mini-tower (160x260px)£1,000/wk
Sponsored news headline£800/wk

Website traffic: (15/4/2016 -15/5/2016)
- 146,223 page views
- 128,642 unique page views

Region of origin: UK 47%, EU (non-UK) 13%, USA 27%, other 13%

E-news subscribers:
- 17,213 World News
- 10,987 Franchised e-news

Print ad specification:
300ppi, CMYK, PDF/X-1a:2001, no overprint or SPOT colour, recommended copy inset 10mm, minimum 3mm bleed, page trim A4, 210x297mm

Important info: incorrectly supplied artwork will be converted to CMYK. PharmaTimes will not be responsible for colour misrepresentation as a result of the conversion process.

Pre-booked advertising cancelled later than 10 days prior to copy deadline will be invoiced at 50% of the booked-in rate.

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