2016 Winners

Clinical Research Coordinator

Winner: Robert Robbins, Pinnacle Trials, Inc

Silver: Harpreet Isha Monga, Neuro-Pain Medical Center, Inc

Bronze: Kelly A. Ganz, Crown Clinical Research, LLC

New Clinical Research Associate

Winner: Lisa Ince, Quintiles

Silver: Jessica Norton, Chiltern

Bronze: Emily Talbot Fette, Quintiles

Experienced Clinical Research Associate

Winner: Raquel Amorim, PRA Health Sciences

Silver: Praveen Barala, PAREXEL International

Bronze: Roxanne Kujanson, INC Research

Project Manager

Winner: Julie Locke, inVentiv Health

Silver: Romiya Barry, CeQur Corporation

Bronze: Mike Bodmann, PRA Health Sciences

Strategc Partnership Team

Winner: PRA Health Sciences & CytRx : Stephanie Gonzalez (PRA Health Sciences), Sinead Pitts (PRA Health Sciences), Miriam Price (PRA Health Sciences), Scott Wieland (CytRx) and Nancy Wu (CytRx)

Silver: PRA Health Sciences & UCB "You Complete Me": Hilary Berlin (UCB), Christina Dinger (PRA Health Sciences), Valerie Kerr (PRA Health Sciences), Elie Mason (PRA Health Sciences), Anne Petko (UCB) and Kathy Rice (UCB)

Bronze: PRA Health Sciences & Clovis Oncology: Melanie Collins (Clovis Oncology), Charlotte Gardea (PRA Health Sciences), Mary Frances Sassaman (PRA Health Sciences) and Sanjay Shetty (Clovis Oncology)

Clinical Research Team

Winner: Chiltern: Kathy Bradrick, Janet Combs, Julie Daves, Marc Dickens and Todd Everhart

Silver: PRA Health Sciences: Scott Fitzsimmons, Michelle Hanson, Tricia Hoyle, Amy Jones, Promise Lawrence and Deb Rork

Bronze: Chiltern: Blaike Danko, Kristin Kidd, Rebecca Lothery, Chasity Monk and Jennifer ReMine

Clinical Research Company of the Year

Winner: PRA Health Sciences

2015 Winners

Clinical Research Co-ordinator of theYear: Andrew Rickelman, PMG Research and Bethany Sink, Thomas A Cuilla.

New CRA of the Year: Jo-Zahn Baxter, PRA Health Sciences

Experienced CRA of the Year: Velma Reed, PRA Health Sciences

Project Manager of the Year: Brooke Giebel, Shire Pharmaceuticals

Strategic Partnership Team of the Year: Otonomy/INC Research

Company Team of the Year: PRA HealthSciences


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