As a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) you play an important role in the success of the study. Your primary responsibility, as with all clinical research professionals, is the protection of research subjects through compliance with protocol requirements, applicable regulations and the standards of Good Clinical Practice. In addition, you serve in a critical role as the liaison between your site/investigator and the sponsor in delivering high quality research data.

Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, coordinating and conducting clinical trials while following ICH/GCP standards at investigator sites and/or institutions under the supervision of your Principal Investigator. You act as the central point of contact for all involved with each study, including your organisation and the physician investigator(s), the sponsor/CRO and patient volunteers.

Other likely CRC responsibilities will include: developing and executing subject recruitment strategies; the enrolment of trial participants; following subjects throughout the trial to collect the necessary data; responding to the needs of clinical research monitors, project managers and other sponsor/CRO research team members; providing audit ready data to the sponsor/CRO; and ensuring that all regulatory-required study updates to both internal and external teams are accurate and timely.

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