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The ClinicalResearcher of the Year - The Americas competition is a unique and challenging learning and development opportunity for clinical researchers. It allows them to benchmark their skills and competencies against those of their peers in a learning environment and have them assessed by an independent steering committee of high-level industry leaders.

Designedto recognise and reward the talent and passion of industry and academic researchers, the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year - TheAmericas is a celebration of professional excellence. It has three stages:

Stage 1: Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ). Opens 22 September 2017.

Competition entrants complete an online multiple-choice questionnaire, containing questions based on ICH/GCP/FDA regulatory guidelines. The questions are chosen at random from a pool of forty. For team entries, only one team representative needs to take and pass the MCQ. The MCQ should take no more than thirty minutes to complete.

The MCQ is an open-book exercise and is not timed so entrants can return to the questionnaire as many times as they need.

Stage 2: Clinical Challenge (written essay submission),

Candidates who score more than 70% at Stage 1 are invited to respond to a short Clinical Challenge which will explore category specific competencies. Teams should enter one essay per team. The word limit is 1,000 words. Submissions that exceed this limit will be deemed void by the judges. The Pharmatimes events team will ensure that all submissions are made anonymous prior to marking to remove any potential for judging bias.

Stage 3: The Finals.

27 April 2017, Washington DC.

The highest scoring candidates from Stage 2 will be selected to compete in the Finals Day. A unique and challenging learning and development opportunity, the Finals will allow qualifying clinical researchers to complete on-the-day challenges, presenting to judging panels who will record scores across a number of parameters providing both quantitative and qualitative feedback and developments to help candidates improve their performance.

The Awards Ceremony will take place in the evening following the Finals. Dress code: Black Tie/Tuxedo.

The awards ceremony will bring together an audience of over 100 senior clinical decision makers. It is photographed with live social media updates, so the success of all the finalists can be broadcast through global PR channels. Purchase your tickets here


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