I felt very privileged to be working with the top researchers and most knowledgeable names in the pharmaceutical industry. This award is extremely meaningful to me, it makes me feel confident in my knowledge as a CRA, and it makes me feel comforted that all of my time put into my researcher role has been well worth it. With her eye firmly on the future, she adds: “I feel that winning this competition has given me even more confidence to help mentor and manage other CRA’s and to be able to move to the next level in my career.”

Katherine Lusk, PPD, Experienced Clinical Research Associate of the Year 2017

Winning the gold in the 2017 Clinical Researcher of the Year competition was tremendously exciting.  As a representative of Sarah Cannon Development Innovations, this competition reflects the work we do every day to bring exciting and effective new therapies to patients.  CROY is a great way to test and sharpen your strategic thinking, planning and communication skills amongst industry peers and leaders.  It was a fantastic kick-off to the 2017 ACRP in Seattle.  I’d recommend CROY to anyone who truly enjoys their work and loves a contest.  Good luck to the 2018 contestants.”

Peter Mascenik, Sarah Cannon Development Innovations, Project Manager of the Year:

It was an amazing experience to be part of the gold medal Strategic Partnership Team of the Year at the 2016 PharmaTimes Clinical Research of the Year competition!  I have been working with my teammates from PRA and CytRx for years, and it was extremely rewarding that we could leverage our experience, trust and ability to communicate and collaborate. We proved that we are truly an integrated team! That said, the competition itself and the process of participating in it was a valuable learning experience, which has enriched our day to day working relationship. I am so thankful for the opportunity the competition provided, and so proud of my team and our result!

Stephanie Gonzalez, Director of Project Delivery, PRA and team member of Strategic Partnership Team of the Year 2016.

The PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year - The Americas Competition was forme an opportunity to apply my knowledge and test my skills of 10 years of clinical research, and be recognised by several top professionals in the area as the winner of Experience CRA category. During the competition finals days, I had the pleasure of meeting amazing colleagues from different organisations,discuss best practices and share experiences. I am sure every finalist went back home more knowledgeable and with new ideas to apply in their day to day business. For me, be recognised as winner means that I am building my career in the right direction, since I have always worked hard to accomplish metrics and deliverables, with dedication, respect, ethic and enthusiasm. Finally, the competition contributes to emphasise the importance and real objective of clinical research, and gives us the opportunity of being recognised internally by our company, and also by the pharmaceutical clinical research market.

Raquel Amorim, Senior Clinical Research Associate, PRA and Experienced Clinical Research Associate of the Year 2016.

The Clinical Researcher of the Year competition is a great way to test your skills against other professionals outside of your company.  It allows for us to think “outside of the box”and really look at innovative ways to address common challenges within our industry.  Going into finals was very exciting to me as I didn’t know what to expect or if the situation would be one in which I had experience.  I truly didn’t know the caliber of others in my group so it made me work even harder to set myself apart.  Winning was one of the most amazing feelings.  I had turned to my husband when the other winners in my category were announced and stated that I didn’t think I had placed.  It really made me confident in my knowledge and skill and gave me the realisation that I was truly doing the right thing for clinical research and my sites.

Lisa Ince, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Quintiles, and New Clinical Research Associate of the Year 2016.

The PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year competition is an excellent opportunity to connect with other top research colleagues and showcase your individual talents and skills.  The final day of the competition reflects real world situations, timelines, and critical decisions that we face on a daily basis.  For me, winning the CROY Award is a personal acknowledgment of my commitment and dedication to my study volunteers over the last twenty years.  Most importantly, I am proud to represent Clinical Research Coordinators’ hard work and pivotal contributions to the drug development process.  No medication would be on the market without us.

Robert Robbins, Clinical Research Director at Pinnacle Trials, Inc. and Clinical Research Coordinator of the Year 2016.


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