Winners 2019

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Gold - Willow Chanthavong, Meridian Clinical Research

Silver - Mercedes Livington, Ventavia Research

Bronze - Meghan Purdy, PMG Research

New CRA (Less than 4 years' experience)

Gold - Sarah Monteith, PAREXEL

Silver - Mandy Williams, PRA Health Sciences

Bronze - Amy Saperstein, Syneos Health

Experienced CRA (more than 4 years' experience)

Gold - Julianne Robbins, Covance

Silver - Simon Simonov, PPD

Bronze - Anandavalli Thiagarajan, PRA Health Sciences

Clinical Trial Manager

Gold - Rafi Ahmad, PRA Health Sciences

Silver - Joella Kittrell, Syneos Health

Bronze - Michael Bodmann, Medpace

Project Manager

Gold - Kayla Klofenstine, PRA Health Sciences

Silver - Joshua Ondatje, Covance

Bronze - Markese Sanders, Covance

Company Team

Gold - Mission Possible, PRA Health Sciences

Brendan Putz, Wendy Tomlinson, Kristina Humphreys, Drew Scruggs

Silver - Avengers, PRA Health Sciences

Megan Jung, Melissa Carbon, Hazem Ibrahim, Elizabeth Petersen, Frank Salter

Bronze - Hungry Hungry HIPAAs, PRA Health Sciences

Jennifer Conlon, Arthur Fernandez, Aubrie Jacobs, Marilyn Negron, Denicia Hernandez, Julie Binning

Strategic Team

Gold - Team Titans

PRA Health Sciences - Sarah Baker, Susan Cooper, Lori Kronish

Mirati Therapeutics - Vanessa Tassell, Chris LeMasters

Silver - Convergence

Evette Pettus - PRA Health Sciences, Keith Barnett - Palatin Technologies, Ana Marquez - Marquez Clinical Site Partners LLC, Karen Correa - Adare Pharmaceuticals, Jermaine Holmes - PRA Health Sciences

Bronze - Maximum Tolerated Dose

Justin Wallwark - PRA Health Sciences, Gisbert Dues - PRA Health Sciences, Kathy Hassig - PRA Health Sciences, Julie Flynn - Takeda, Sue Jin - Takeda.

Site Team

Gold - Clinical Research Dream Team, PMG Research of Charlotte

Hannah White, Dion Morrison, Kimberly McNeil, Brandon Brown, Emily Clamser

Silver - The Advocates, PMG Research of Winston-Salem

Jessica Speece, Andrew Stebich, Robert Holmes, Jennifer Frank, Holly Smith, Stacy Smith

Clinical Research Company

Winner - PRA Health Sciences


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