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A uniquely placed strategy consultancy dedicated to healthcare, Redbow works hand in hand with its clients across many areas of organizational strategy worldwide.  Assignments span strategy development, long range and brand planning to developing marketing academies and helping to build cohesive high performing teams.  

Redbow specialises in the use of gaming methodologies and simulation for strategy development and organisational engagement as well as developing and embedding bespoke strategic planning processes for many clients.

Jonathan Dancer, Managing Director is a firm believer in the power of teams, and whilst most projects focus on the concrete end of strategy and implementation, many revolve additionally around the creation and maintenance of healthy teams that can take their organisations forward.


The Publicis Health Powerhouse: Publicis LifeBrands, Publicis Resolute and Real Science (PLBRS)

At PLBRS we bring together advertising, public relations and medical education with our unique blend of curiosity, imagination and ideas.

We recognise that as health fast becomes mainstream, the role of the healthcare communications agency has changed. Patients and consumers are increasingly empowered, informed and enabled. As health, fitness, nutrition, medicine, magic and myth become interwoven, categories become more and more complex – making healthcare harder to navigate.

From birth, people learn to make sense of the world first through images, then through stories and numbers. Naturally wired to blend our logical, emotional and sensorial systems, we navigate the world through a uniquely instinctive union of our senses. However, stuck in silos, healthcare communications assumes people think in silos. It is not set up to help patients or physicians use their natural instincts to navigate, understand or act.

That is where we come in. At PLBRS we are wired to think differently. Our diverse and multidisciplinary approach gives us the power to bring together the fundamental navigation systems of the human brain. We are the Powerhouse that is helping the world make instinctively better sense of health.

PLBRS is part of Publicis Health – the largest health-orientated agency-network in the world.


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