Aspiring Marketer

Currently not in a marketing role but wish to make that move into marketing in the future.

This is for candidates who are not in a marketing role or seconded to a marketing role. Typically these candidates will be in field based roles/business information or potentially administrative support to the sales/marketing functions. In the event that somebody moves into a marketing role after entry to the competition and prior the finals – they will be re-allocated to the ‘New Marketer’ category.


New Marketer

An individual new to marketing, or a secondee to a marketing role

This category is for candidates who are new to the role of marketing. They will have some experience, but mainly around basic tactical / operational aspects of the role. They should understand the basic requirements of a Marketing Planning Process, however, would be implementing aspects of the plan as opposed to creating them. The outputs of their role would be mainly tactical and operational in nature.


Senior Marketer - UK

An experienced marketer who has strategic responsibility for the brand / product

The candidate has very thorough knowledge of the marketing planning process where they are often leading or very close to the creation of the strategy. They have either decided to remain a career marketer at this level, or they are awaiting the promotion to Marketing Manager. They should be able to demonstrate very competent understanding of the marketing process. This participant is seen as the future leader in marketing in their organisation


Brand/Product Manager

An individual in marketing role who is responsible for the brand / product.

The participant would have ownership of the tactical / operational brand planning process and some budgetary resposibility, however, they would not be expected to have total accountability for the strategic direction of the product / brand


Cross-Functional Marketing Team

A marketing team of up to 5 people with cross functional responsibilities

Participants will take part on a one-day business simulation, testing market access at the core but involving all functions.


International Marketer

An experienced marketer with a global/international role and must be able to speak English.


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