The entire Tonic team are immensely proud of our remarkable achievement in winning this prestigious award. It not only reflects the outstanding abilities of each and every member of the team to deliver creative and strategic thinking, it demonstrates the quality of talent that is available to our clients on a global basis. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience as we absolutely thrive on challenging our thinking and working collaboratively.

Emma Coughlan

Senior Account Director, Tonic Life Communications

Participating in the Cross-Functional Team category has been an intense and challenging experience, but also a fun one! Benchmarking ourselves as a team against our peers in a full-day market simulation, where our strategic and tactical decisions were assessed in real time has been an invaluable undertaking. When we found out that we had won we were absolutely thrilled! This was a true cross functional achievement from across Sales (Shirley Taylor, Jack Hadfield), Medical (Paul Bloomfield), Market access (Alex Ledger) and Marketing (Stephanie Hecht)  and was an endorsement of how we work together as ONE team.

Stephanie Hecht

Senior Brand Manager, Actelion

The pharmaceutical industry attracts and retains some of the world’s leading talent.  With this in mind, it’s a great honor and privilege to be awarded PharmaTimes New Marketer of the Year 2015. The competition not only provided me with an opportunity to benchmark against industry peers but it also gave me the chance to develop my skills in a realistic, time pressured environment. At Roche we continue to invest significantly in marketing excellence and I see the competition as a valuable tool for validating our training and development approach.

Thom Renwick

Brand Manager – Oncology, Roche Products

To have won senior marketer of the year is great recognition. It’s seen as the flagship individual category, so to win is a very proud moment. Winning a competition such as this can only be great for your career development, it helps with both internal and external recognition. I’d recommend this competition to any marketer. The challenge was tough, but very realistic. It was a case of distilling the key issues from a lot of information in a short space of time and building a robust plan around them – very similar to the day to day work of a UK marketer leading a brand.

Adam Chapman

Head of Marketing & Market Access, Lundbeck

I am genuinely honoured to be highly commended for the aspiring marketer category.  I am incredibly passionate about marketing and I am sure the validation through this competition will help me on my marketing journey.  This competition was a great test of my capabilities and demonstrated for me where I need to grow as an individual professionally.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this competition to anyone wanting to benchmark their ability against their peers.


Steve Morris

Project Manager - ADP Practitioner, GSK

We are delighted to have won the Communications Team of the Year Award, for the NHS Category and for the judges’ recognition of our unique and integrated approach to the challenge. The competition brief reflects many of our clients’ challenges, both in terms of medicines access and share of voice and we relished the opportunity to work as a team to solve the problem in a strategic and creative way. While there were five of us representing MHP on the day, we want our whole team to take ownership of this fantastic award; it is their incredible work day-to-day, which ultimately inspired our winning programme, so they should all feel very proud.


Kate Podgson

MHP Communications

We are very proud and honoured to have won the prestigious Pharmatimes Marketing Company of the Year award. This is the "icing on the cake" after winning the Brand Manager of the Year award as well as Cross-Functional Team of the Year award. For a relatively small company such as Actelion, being recognised in such a visible way is a tremendous achievement and means a lot to everyone in our organisation!

Stephanie Hecht

Senior Brand Manager, Actelion


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