Steering Group

Why is the steering group so important?

The group comprises senior industry leaders, officials from the Department of Health and key healthcare professionals.

This committee of professionals provides a vital role in helping PharmaTimes to design the competition so that its content accurately reflects the latest business thinking and the environment in which clinical researchers are working.

By including clinical researchers’ customers on the judging panel we are able to ensure that PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition both identifies those individuals and teams who understand the needs of the customer, and rewards the best clinical researchers in their field.

Who are the Steering Group?

Carol Parish (Chair) Executive Director Intercept Pharma
Paul Quinn (Vice Chair) Head of Clinical Operations Vectura
Charlotte Chapman Director, Hub Unit Manager Regional Clinical Operations BMS
Andrea Sawdon Director, CNS Allergan
Gillian Waite Head of Clinical Research Bayer
Adrienne Clarke Clinical Team Manager & Head of Monitoring GlaxoSmithKline on behalf of ABPI
Divya Chadha Manek Head of Business Development (Commercial) NIHR
Sarah Mansfield Head of Project Management Novo Nordisk A/S
Nick Hodges Vice President, Global Clinical Operations Janssen
Karen Barker Vice President - Clinical Operations EAPA PRA Health Sciences
Sarah Cotena Vendor Manager Roche Products Limited
Sarah Eastty Deputy Head Project Management PSI CRO AG
Alison McGrory Associate Director Clinical Management PPD
Barbara Kathage Executive Director, Clinical Operations Biopharma Chiltern
Nigel Jones Vice President, Global Clinical Operations Innocoll
Nikki Dewick Director of Compliance Oversight Pfizer
Gary Killington Managing Director PI Partnership
Sean Breen VP Science Policy: Europe Takeda
Jane Trim Country Clinical Quality Manager MSD
Jackie Powell Consultant

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