It was very humbling to be recongised by industry stalwarts.  To know that your hard work and aptitude is not only appreciated by my colleagues but also by other industry leaders is very rewarding.  It is also very satisfying to know that I played my part in our company winning the overall award.  It was definitely an enjoyable experience from the first to the last stage, made even sweeter by taking home the gong.

James Battisti
Project analyst, clinical vendor management, PR Health Sciences, Clinical Trial Administrator of the Year 2017 (Gold)

What I gained most was knowledge and expertise as I had to undergo a lot of self-learning and research in my own time in order to pass the exam and generate an accurate and competitive essay. The experience definitely highlighted gaps in my knowledge but at the same time gave me vast amounts of confidence in my current abilities as I was given some great feedback from the judges.

Lauren Davidson
AbbVie, Aspiring Clinical Research Associate of the Year 2017 (Silver)

We can all improve the way we work and competitions such as this provide an ideal platform. From networking opportunities to taking the time to self-reflect and challenge your work practices, I think there are many benefits from the competition.

Emma Lewis
PRA Health Sciences, Team Leader of the Year winner

An assessment of skills and performance is a great way to be challenged. The international reputation of the PharmaTimes competitions and the recognition from the whole industry brings a feeling of acknowledgement of our talents – it must feel similar to winning an Oscar!

Sarah Gage
PRA Health Sciences, member of the Clinical Team of the Year

The competition was a golden opportunity to challenge myself and find the time to stop and think outside the box. I especially enjoyed the friendly but professional atmosphere during the finals and the interesting discussion with board members during my presentation. I found the whole process very motivating, particularly being able to measure my skills against some of the best project managers out there. It was a true learning experience.

Silvia Casellas
PRA Health Sciences, Project Manager of the Year winner

This competition felt like a very personal journey for me and I saw it as a way to affirm to myself that I do know my role and that I am good at what I do. I was happy enough to have been a finalist, but to win was overwhelming. I would encourage people to enter the competition and experience it – you never know what you may learn about yourself.

Rachel Oakley
inVentiv Health Clinical, Strategic Partnership Manager of the Year winner


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