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It’s a small world

To understand the full scope of a condition, pharma needs to appreciate the full tapestry of the patient experience. The challenge for industry in the realm of rare diseases, however, is to meaningfully engage with patients and convince them that they are an essential part of the research equation

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The liberation of patient data

Aiden Flynn explores how the collection and analysis of real-world patient data can be an invaluable asset in clinical development

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Changing tack

Think the old product launch playbook is still relevant? Think again.

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Making sense of it

As life sciences companies’ international ambitions grow, and global regulatory scrutiny in parallel, managing translated content is becoming ever more complex. So the promise of neural machine learning as a potential solution is appealing. But just how far can the technology go in reducing workloads and improving accuracy and turnaround times?

Thumbnail image for The promise of gene editing

The promise of gene editing

Christopher Vakulskas says the rapid progress seen in gene editing is exciting, but there are still challenges in the field to overcome if its full potential is to be reached

Thumbnail image for The strongest link?

The strongest link?

Jennifer Bradford and Matthew Metherell consider the success and potential of artificial intelligence in clinical research and the impact of machine learning on clinical trials

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