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Trials and tribulations

As pharma grapples the twin challenge of developing breakthrough innovations while reducing development costs, the contract research market continues to provide vital support. CRO leaders are well-positioned to spot the trends that are shaping clinical trials in 2017. Here are six of the best…

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Pick 'n' mix

The future of pharma's salesforce has been a hotly debated topic for years. Now we wave goodbye to one-size-fits-all and embrace a field force fusion

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Critical communications

The fight against flu – and the need for clear lines of communications between the NHS and the public – provides a case study for public health

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Empowering technology

How patient empowerment could change healthcare and pharma at the most fundamental level

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Promising new research

With the entry deadline for the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas competition fast approaching, we speak to Lisa Ince, last year's winner of New Clinical Research Associate, and Steering Group member Susan Romberg to find out how clinical researchers can survive in the modern industry

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Through thick and thin

In an increasingly competitive market where patient-centricity is key, enhancing customer experience to improve loyalty could be pharma's next big step forward

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The Pharma Fast 50

Introducing Catalyst Corporate Finance's ranking of the 50 fastest-growing pharma companies in the UK

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