There were 19 MSL’s entered into this very first MSL of the Year completion and I felt privileged to be a part of this. The day started with a mixture of excitement and nerves as to what the competition might hold. As there was no precedent it really felt like stepping into the unknown!

The day proved to be full, challenging and rewarding, testing our skills to the maximum and I felt tired and exhilarated at the end.

I was thrilled to hear my name called as the Gold Winner! So unexpected and therefore my acceptance speech was entirely unprepared!

I felt honored to be part of this inaugural MSL of the Year competition with Pharmatimes and the MSLA. This is an exciting and valuable initiative to recognize the crucial place of the MSL within any companies field based structure and the value that this role brings to an organization.

I would urge MSL’s to seek involvement in this initiative in the future as it truly tests your skills and provides you with great personal and professional insight.

Thank you to Pharmatimes and the MSLA.

Jane Blockley

Celgene, PharmaTimes MSL Gold Award winner.

The Medical Science Liaison  Association (MSLA) www.msla.org.uk is a not for profit association which was established in 2011  for the benefit of MSLs and those with an interest in the role. Our stated goals are around standards of practice,  MSL development and the demonstration of value and credibility for the role.  We are delighted to support the MSL of the Year Award which is an exciting step for this growing function.

Helen Kane

Chairman MSLA


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