Ten more CTUs have been registered under the UK Clinical Research Collaboration’s (UKCRC) Clinical Trials Unit Registration Process, which aims to improve the quality of expertise available to carry out clinical studies in the UK.

The Process started its first round of registrations in 2007 and the CTU network now includes a total of 49 registered units. Units gaining full registration under the scheme were the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Clinical Trials Unit (University of London); the Mental Health & Neuroscience Clinical Trials Unit at King’s College London; and the Oxford University Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit.

Two other CTUs progressed from Provisional Registration in 2007 to Full Registration now. These were the Primary Care Clinical Research and Trials Unit at the University of Birmingham; and the York Trials Unit at the University of York.

Full registration involves meeting in full a number of key competencies, including a track record of experience in co-ordinating multicentre clinical trials; the presence of expert staff and robust quality assurance systems; and evidence of long-term viability in capacity for trial co-ordination.

CTUs that are clearly working towards sufficient expertise for Full Registration, but which do not yet fulfil all of the criteria relating to infrastructure, resources and experience, can qualify for Provisional Registration.

The latest round of registrations was co-ordinated on behalf of the UKCRC by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre.
A full list of registered CTUs is available at www.ukcrc-ctu.org.uk.