Yesterday saw the 12th PM Society Digital Awards take place online for the second time due to the pandemic, hosted on an interactive events platform with over 700 e-tickets issued.

There was an even spread across the 19 categories, with 44 agencies and 46 client companies – including pharmaceutical and other healthcare organisations – having projects in the shortlists.

This is the widest range of finalists in Digital Awards history, PM Society said in a statement.

Leading the agency side, Havas Life Medicom came out on top with three Gold award wins, plus ‘Agency Digital Team’, three Silver awards and two Bronze awards.

Following in second place was ARK agency with two Golds and one Silver and taking third place was Pharmadoctor with two Gold awards.

On the pharma and healthcare organisations, the top three companies were AstraZeneca, klarify and Novartis Gene Therapies, which each took home two Golds.

Other gold winning client companies included Biotest AG, Edwards Life Sciences, Frontline.Live, Huntleigh, Galderma, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Norgine, Santen and Takeda UK.

The evening ended with the announcement of the Pharma Digital Partner awards that was won by Spyros Zervas from Edwards LifeSciences, while Digital Account Manager this year was won by TVF Communications’ Marta Zima.

“I’m particularly pleased with the breadth of finalist companies represented this year. To see work from 44 agencies and 46 client companies is remarkable and I hope it gives inspiration to those smaller, newer companies that haven’t entered before. I’d like to highlight our 58 judges, who put in so many hours of work,” said Rachel Farrow, chair of the Digital Awards.

“One consequence of the pandemic is that the second round ‘face to face’ judging was so much easier online. Agencies can take just 30 minutes out of their day to present to the panels on Zoom, compared to giving up at least a half day when we held our second round judging in person. This is something which we plan to keep going forward,” she added.

Full list of category Gold winners:

Brand promotion – Virtual lunch meetings by Mole digital/JCN for Huntleigh

HCP education & support – Peer to peer programme by Wave for Janssen

Healthcare charities – Supporting HCP PPE needs by for Frontline.Live

Patient programmes – LiverSync® by earthware for Norgine

Meetings & events – GlaucomaFest by Wordbird, Touch, Lucid, Ruder Finn for Santen

Multichannel campaign – Break over-reliance by Real Chemistry for AZ

Market Access – Allergy Test n Treat Service by Pharmadoctor for klarify

Long-term campaigns – Keeping pace (T2D) by Takeda UK

Building digital communities – Rosacea: beyond the visible by Havas Life Medicom for Galderma

Film – Behind the scenes by Area 23, an IPG company for GSK

Animation – SMA: Race against time by Havas Life Medicom for Novartis Gene Therapies

Innovation: Craft – SID Ninja by ARK for Biotest AG

Innovation: Effectiveness – Allergy Test n Treat eTool by Pharmadoctor for klarify

Internal Comms – It’s personal by ARK for AZ

Corporate/External Comms – Pharma’s best kept secret by MJL

Behavioural Science (NEW) – SMA: Race against time by Havas Life Medicom for Novartis Gene Therapies

Digital Account Manager – Marta Zima (TVF Communications)

Agency Digital Team – Havas Life Medicom

Pharma Digital Partner – Spyros Zervas (Edwards LifeSciences)