The UK arm of Icelandic generics giant Actavis has bought 10 products from Thornton & Ross, the UK’s largest independently-owned maker of over-the-counter medicines.

For an undisclosed sum, Actavis has purchased all intellectual property, trade marks, licences and stocks relating to: Cymalon, for cystitis; the antiseptic cream Dermidex; the oral rehydration therapy Electrolade; Ellimans and Goddards for muscle relief; Gastrocote for heartburn relief; Morhulin for chapped skin and nappy rash; the multivitamin treatment Orovite; the sleep-aid Sominex; and the natural ‘pick-me-up’ Yeastvite.

Explaining the strategy behind the move, Dieno George, Thornton & Ross’ Chief Executive, said that the sale marks “the beginning of a new chapter” for both companies, as it allows Thornton & Ross to “focus on its core brands, whilst enabling Actavis to build up their OTC business in the UK.” He added: “Both companies are developing their businesses whilst maintaining supply of some long established products with a loyal customer base.”