Allied-Bristol Life Sciences has licensed a proprietary platform technology from Yale University that could offer a novel approach to the treatment of cancer.

The Allied Minds/Bristol-Myers Squibb enterprise has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Yale for access to the platform and lead associated antibody-recruiting molecules (ARMs), that it plans to further develop into treatments for diseases such as prostate cancer.

ARMs harness the power of the body’s own immune system to treat cancer by recruiting antibodies already present in the bloodstream and then leading them to a specific protein found on the surface of cancer cells, where they can destroy the diseased tissue.

“Our work is at a critical point in its translation, where the resources and expertise of the ABLS team will make all the difference in bringing these therapies to patients as quickly as we can,” said Yale’s David Spiegel, who developed the approach, explaining the strategy behind the move.

Further terms of the deal weren’t revealed.