The Patient Recruitment Organization (PRO) Steering Committee, a recently formed advocacy group for the international patient recruitment and retention industry, has appointed Dr Diana Anderson, president and chief executive officer of D. Anderson & Company, as its first chairman.

An ad hoc group of professionals who lead patient recruitment organisations, the PRO Steering Committee evolved out of the inaugural PRO Summit held in Philadelphia last April. The Summit was co-hosted by DAC and another Texas, US-based PRO, The Patient Recruiting Agency.

“Our discussions centred on several market trends which underscore the need for greater collaboration and co-operation among PROs,” Dr Anderson noted. The goal of the Committee, she explained, was to work together on addressing issues and trends that affect the provision of participating companies’ patient recruitment and retention services globally.

The PRO Committee has identified five areas of interest in its efforts to move the industry forward:

- Whether to form a professional trade organisation
- Risk-sharing
- Identifying industry trends
- Expanding globally
- Improving the way PROs work with stakeholders including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organisations and clinical trial sites

Next steps will include extending participation in the committee to other patient recruitment organisations and developing a position paper summarising their strategies. The PRO Committee will hold monthly teleconferences and will reconvene in person within 12 months.

Dr Anderson will serve a one-year term and will be responsible for overseeing the Committee, setting meeting agendas, leading discussions and raising issues of concern.