Two specialist contract research organisations (CROs) based in the US state of Massachusetts, AsisChem and Apredica, have announced a strategic alliance that offers complementary drug discovery support services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and non-profit research organisations worldwide.

AsisChem focuses on custom chemical synthesis and medicinal chemistry services, while Apredica’s speciality is ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) testing and toxicity profiling.

According to AsisChem’s chief executive officer, Grigoriy Rublev, the strategic alliance establishes “an expanded menu of co-ordinated, complementary, high-value services that drug discovery teams can engage to accelerate drug development, improve cost efficiency, and increase programme success rates”.

Direct communication of Apredica’s ADME-Tox data back to AsisChem’s chemists “means that discovery teams can develop their best lead compounds faster and submit their IND [investigational new drug] applications sooner”, added the former’s president, Dr Katya Tsaioun.