AstraZeneca has hooked up with Vida Health to launch a new smartphone app designed to speed up the recovery of patients who have suffered a heart attack. 

The Day-by-Day app is being launched via a trial programme at Duke University, according to Fortune, guiding patients through the recovery process with live digital coaches and educational materials.

The ‘live coaching’ programme is geared up to help patients better cope with the trauma of their experience as well as encourage treatment compliance and healthier behaviour in the hope of preventing a second attack.

AZ is reportedly covering the cost for all patients taking using the app in the trial, but it’s branding won’t be visible. Through the programme, the drug giant will be hoping to gain a better understanding of the patient experience.

“We are focusing on patient problems while working within the pharmaceutical business that we fit within,” John McCarthy, vice president of global commercial excellence at AZ, told Fortune. “It allows us to have a greater impact across an institution that’s looking to address all of their patient population.” 

In April AZ signed a five-year deal with PatientsLikeMe for access to the network’s 325,000-plus members, in an attempt to bring patient-centric evidence into the heart of drug discovery and development.