AstraZeneca has unveiled plans to test a new digital support service for women undergoing treatment for platinum-sensitive high-grade ovarian cancer in clinical trials testing a combination of cediranib plus Lynparza.

The service - a smartphone app paired with a web portal - aims to help clinicians and patients better manage side effects of hypertension and diarrhoea sometimes linked with the combination therapy, which are usually described to care teams through time-consuming and non-digitised channels. 

Software group Voluntis developed the service in close collaboration with AZ and the US National Cancer Institute; the latter will now sponsor three separate clinical trials to test the app as a companion device under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with AZ.

“Empowering patients with this smartphone-based app gives them greater control of their treatment and management of their response,” noted Antoine Yver, Head of Oncology, Global Medicines Development at AZ. “The support it provides can further reduce medication dose modification and discontinuation rates and help maintain patients on therapy to improve their treatment outcome.”

The approach, says AZ, “illustrates a clear focus on understanding the patient journey when developing therapeutic solutions,” and will also test the waters of the firm’s broader strategy of using digital technology to complement treatment and to improve patient outcomes.