German pharma company Bayer has signed an agreement with Scottish artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Blackford Analysis to develop an AI platform for medical imaging.

The two companies have entered into an agreement to develop and license an AI platform for radiology suites, which will integrate AI applications into the medical imaging workflow.

This new platform will aim to support radiologists in their decision-making process and also improve diagnostic confidence.

Bayer and Blackwood’s AI platform will be developed to provide access to a ‘virtual marketplace’, through which healthcare professionals can obtain and manage diagnostic imaging analysis applications, protocol management tools, departmental workflow tools and AI algorithms.

Under the terms of the agreement, Blackford will develop and provide the platform technology for Bayer. Bayer will then provide integrated AI solutions developed in-house and with third parties, also contributing its medical and data science capabilities and deep disease understanding.

“Our agreement with Blackford Analysis reinforces our commitment to innovation in medical imaging. We want to drive AI-enabled radiology solutions that add clinical value by supporting radiologists and their teams in providing clear direction from diagnosis to care,” said Alexandre Salvador, head of digital business solutions, radiology at Bayer.

“We are looking forward to combining our long-standing knowledge in life sciences and expertise in radiology with the technology and development capabilities of Blackford Analysis,” he added.