Market intelligence provider Binleys has taken all the assets of online medical education group OnMedica under its wing, following the latter’s move into administration back in June.

OnMedica provides the doctor community free services paid for by healthcare suppliers and the pharmaceutical industry, while Binleys provides the pharmaceutical industry with data on healthcare in the UK, as well as integrated sales and marketing solutions.

Binley's existing suite of databases, which tap into all sectors of healthcare, should provide a useful platform to “significantly enhance” the OnMedica brand, particularly into specialist areas of care, the group said, explaining the strategy behind the move.

“OnMedica is a valuable asset containing an impressive library of medical information, and the service fits well into our portfolio of news and information services,” said Walter Brinzer, Publishing Director and founder of Binley’s, adding that there are “obvious synergies between the services we provide which we hope to develop”.

And according to Steve Bradley, Director of Binley's, the move will bring additional value to the group’s pharmaceutical clients “and allows us to offer a totally integrated approach to digital marketing”.