Cancerbackup and Macmillan Cancer Support are to merge to “further the aims of both charities” and improve the delivery of high-quality information to patients with cancer.

Cancerbackup provides information and support for patients with cancer and their carers through a help line and walk-in centres nationwide, while Macmillan Cancer Support offers practical, medical, emotional and financial support to help better the lives of cancer sufferers, so the marriage seems a natural fit that will utilise each partner’s expertise to boost the range and quality of services on offer to those affected by cancer in the UK.

According to the groups, the merger, which will see Cancerbackup transfer to Macmillan within the next six weeks, will allow the former’s services to be “expanded and enhanced”, while adding to the latter’s range of support.

As Jamie Dundas, Chairman of Macmillan Cancer Support, explained, high quality information is a critical element of being able to offer the fullest possible support to everyone affected by cancer, and “Cancerbackup’s expertise in this field is in a class of its own.” He added that his organisation “is committed to maintaining and expanding Cancerbackup’s excellent work.”

Birth of Macmillan Cancerbackup
Specifically, the group will now deliver its information services under a new sub-brand, Macmillan Cancerbackup, which aims to provide: improved telephone helpline support by offering direct access to cancer information nurses, nutritionists, financial and other experts; better quality information on the website and other mediums; and accessible support centres throughout the UK.

“The combined strength of Cancerbackup’s information and Macmillan’s comprehensive services…will vastly improve the delivery of cancer information,” commented Dr Maurice Slevin, Chairman of Cancerbackup. “Together we are creating the opportunity to ensure that everyone in the UK affected by cancer will receive the highest quality information at the time they want and in the way that they want.”