CEDRA Corporation, a division of US-based contract research organisation (CRO) Worldwide Clinical Trials that specialises in bioanalytical and Phase I-IIb clinical research services, has changed its name to fall in with its parent company’s brand.

The new unified name, Worldwide Clinical Trials Drug Development Solutions, “adds to the continuity and full-service offerings our companies collectively provide”, explained the former CEDRA, which was acquired by Worldwide Clinical Trials in December 2007.

The renamed company will continue to offer bioanalytical and clinical research services, plus specialised studies to determine the effects on pharmacokinetics of drug dose, formulation, dosing regimen and interactions as well as genotype, gender and other factors.
CEDRA was originally set up in 1990 to provide bioanalytical services to the US federal government and the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries. The company expanded its range of services with freestanding Phase I clinics in Austin and San Antonio, Texas in 2005. It added bioanalytical capabilities to support biological therapeutic and biomarker analyses using LBA (ligand binding assay) methodologies in 2008.

The CEDRA acquisition was one of five completed by California-based Worldwide Clinical Trials (WCT) in 2007/08, taking in companies in the US, the UK, Russia and Serbia.

WCT was itself founded in 2007 by Dr Neal Cutler in partnership with private equity firm The Jordan Company, reviving the name of the business originally set up by Dr Cutler and his team in 1986 as an investigational site. WCT was eventually sold to UnitedHealth Group in 1999.