Asthma UK is asking clinical researchers to bid for a portion of a £3 million research pie to investigate the causes and potential treatments for asthma.

The charity says it is looking for “talented researchers with innovative and exciting ideas” to help further current understanding of the condition, and is offering funding for projects to start next year under its rolling programme of research.

Asthma UK’s research strategy has been developed to identify priorities for basic and clinical research, which include investigating the causes and underlying mechanisms of asthma and how diagnosis, care and education could help people with the condition.

“We look forward to receiving applications addressing these priority areas,” comments Leanne Male, Asthma UK's Assistant Director of Research. “However,” she adds, “we also welcome novel and innovative grants aimed at increasing our understanding of asthma and improving the quality of life for the 5.2 million people with asthma in the UK.”

The deadline for research grant proposals is 1pm on October 29, after which they will undergo “a rigorous peer review process to ensure quality of science, cost effectiveness and relevance to asthma before being selected for funding,” the charity explained. Projects selected for funding would be expected to start in October 2008.