The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has added three European countries to WORLDcert, its online clinical trial insurance and certificate management system.

The countries are the Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal. According to Chubb, the move will help life sciences companies and contract research organisations to avoid their clinical trials being delayed in these markets because they cannot prove they have the required local insurance in place.

Among the features of the WORLDcert system are instant issue and modification of global clinical trial insurance certificates; immediate trial insurance quotes; a database of country-specific insurance requirements; customised insurance options; and issue of certificates in local languages.

Accurate and complete insurance documentation is a prerequisite for ethics committee approval of clinical trials, and without it clearance may often be delayed for months, Chubb points out. The WORLDcert system expedites the process by eliminating the need for an insurance agent or broker to communicate study information to an insurance company and for the insurer to complete manually intensive procedures.

More than 3,000 clinical trials are underway in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal combined, Chubb says. The WORLDcert system can instantly generate insurance certificates in a total of 152 countries worldwide.