UK-based clinical technology specialist ClinPhone has made a pitch for the emerging adaptive trials market by partnering with Cytel, a US company that provides software and services for the design and analysis of clinical studies.

Described as a pioneer in the statistical science and computational science of adaptive trials – more flexible study formats that employ interim analyses to fine-tune parameters such as dose selection, treatment duration or sample size – Cytel claims to have designed more adaptive trials for industry sponsors than any other service provider, “helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies raise trial success rates while reducing development time and costs”.

The partnership with ClinPhone will combine this expertise with the UK company’s operational know-how and suite of clinical technologies to offer “complete solutions” in the design, planning and implementation of adaptive and other complex trial designs. The integrated service will include study design consulting, trial simulations, supplies planning and management, clinical data collection, randomisation, trial supply management, data analysis and reporting.

Adaptive trials have the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of clinical development while reducing the exposure of trial participants and generating better targeted therapies - for example, by tailoring randomisation to ‘enriched’ populations most likely to respond to treatment.

As ClinPhone and Cytel point out, adaptive approaches seek to “use accumulating response data to optimise pre-determined aspects of the study design without undermining the validity and integrity of the trial”.

Technology plays a central role in delivering these types of studies, and together Cytel and ClinPhone “are leading the way in offering integrated services that provide a comprehensive solution for the sponsor wishing to benefit from the power of adaptive trials”, commented Dr Bill Bryom, vice president, product strategy and marketing for ClinPhone.