Kirsty Mearns, managing director of Just:: Health Communications, who won Communications Team of the Year 2014, explains why the competition is a vital experience for healthcare communications agencies.

“At Just:: Health Communications, one of the things that makes us unique is that everyone in the company, from the newest graduate recruit to the MD, is trained in our idea generation process ‘Just:: Invent’. We firmly believe everyone has it in them to be creative, and by using the Invent techniques we give them the confidence to realise that potential.

The PharmaTimes Communications Team of the Year Awards showed us how much we could achieve in just two hours! By ensuring we weren’t bogged down in the detail, making assumptions and being comfortable with not needing to know absolutely everything, we created a plan that would actually work without the need for investing hundreds of hours of resource. This experience will help us to be smarter and more efficient in how we approach new business opportunities – you can get 90% of the way there just by getting the right people in the room for a few hours."

Seize the opportunity to develop your skills and abilities in the Communications Team of the Year competition.

Your team will benefit from a day of professional development, as well as receiving an in-depth feedback report detailing their scores across a number of key communications competencies and including qualitative feedback from the judges.

With entry fees set at £150 per team, this is a fantastic opportunity to be measured against industry peers, with a minimal submission process and no preparation before the day required.

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