Following the example of his counterpart in New York, the Attorney General of Connecticut is also planning an investigation into the way Merck & Co and Schering-Plough handled controversial study data concerning combination cholesterol treatment Vytorin.

Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal told the Wall Street Journal that “we are investigating whether state funds were spent on false assurances about the safety and effectiveness of these drugs”. He was referring to results of the ENHANCE trial which were finally released a couple of weeks ago following speculation over possible data manipulation and a U-turn on the study’s primary endpoint. The results showed that Vytorin (10mg ezetimibe + 80mg simvastatin) was no more effective at slowing the progression of atherosclerosis than 80mg simvastatin (the now genericised Zocor) alone.

The Connecticut move comes after New York AG Andrew Cuomo subpoenaed Merck and S-P and demanded documents concerning the firms’ marketing of Vytorin. His investigation comes at a time when the Senate Finance Committee and the House Energy & Commerce Committee are also investigating the controversy.