London, UK-based ConserV Bioscience has teamed up with eTheRNA immunotherapies to develop mRNA-based vaccines for infectious diseases.

The collaboration will combine ConserV’s expertise in identifying broadly protective antigens and eTheRNA’s TriMix immunostimulatory mRNA technology and novel lipid nanoparticle encapsulation technologies.

The partnership will initially focus on the development and evaluation of mRNA vaccines against HIV, with the aim of identifying a lead formulation to move into clinical development.

The collaboration may also involve the development of other mRNA vaccine formulations based upon ConserV’s antigen portfolio.

“Our mission is to develop safe and effective vaccines which offer broad protection against infections from viruses that mutate frequently,” said Kimbell Duncan, chief executive officer of ConserV Bioscience.

“We are pleased to be working with eTheRNA to develop mRNA-based vaccine formulations of our antigen constructs, in combination with eTheRNA’s TriMix and LNP technologies, in order to expand our development pipeline,” he added.

“The potential of combining eTheRNA’s mRNA and LNP technologies with ConserV’s antigens is exciting.  The collaboration has the potential to demonstrate the added benefits of our vaccine platform in enhancing immune responses to antigens targeting viruses that mutate regularly,” added Steven Powell, chief executive officer of eTheRNA.