Eli Lilly suffered a set back this week after London’s High Court refused to support the US drugmaker in its attempts to stop a UK pharmacist from buying its drugs in Turkey and then supplying them to internet pharmacies across the Atlantic.

British group 8PM Chemists buys several of Lilly’s key brands – including the impotence buster Cialis (tadalafil) and osteoporosis drug Evista (raloxifene) - at cut prices in Turkey, and then sells them on to internet pharmacies in Canada which, in turn, supply them at substantial discounts to patients in the USA, according to Reuters.

Back in November it looked like Lilly was in with a strong chance of victory after a temporary injunction put a halt to 8PM’s activities, but an appeal by the pharmacist, in which it argued that Lilly’s European trademarks were in no way being jeopardised by the trade, overturned that ruling, Reuters reports.

A spokesman for Lilly UK refused to comment on the situation.