Cancer Research UK is partnering with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to co-fund multidisciplinary research projects from a five-year cash pot totalling £37.5 million.

Joint awards will be issued by CR UK, building on the high level of interest in the charity’s Multidisciplinary Project Award Scheme, which supports collaborations between cancer researchers and scientists from engineering/physical science disciplines.

Working with the EPSRC will not only increase support for collaborative cancer research projects, but will also “unite the expertise and scientific networks of both organisations to ensure that the highest quality multidisciplinary work will be funded,” CR UK said.

It is also hoped that the move will stimulate innovation and combine disciplines to accelerate progress in cancer research. 

“We need to push the boundaries, exploring the integration of engineering and physical sciences into cancer research,” noted Professor Sir Mike Brady at the University of Oxford, who will chair the expert review committee. “Combining these two communities will inspire new ways to translate science into patient benefit,” he said.