A strategic alliance that promises to take the hassle out of offshore contract chemistry services has been announced by Canadian company Dalton Pharma Services and ProCitius Research, a division of India’s Sanmar Specialty Chemicals.

The partnership offered clients “the best of both worlds”, the companies claimed. Projects carried out by ProCitius in India would be “tightly controlled” by senior Dalton project managers at the Canadian partner’s headquarters in Toronto. Clients “deal only with Dalton, which assumes full legal and operational responsibility for the satisfactory execution of the contract”, they added.

Under pressure to maintain discovery and development output in an era of severe cost restraints, pharmaceutical multinationals are increasingly offshoring work to contract research organisations (CROs) in countries such as China and India, Dalton and ProCitius noted.

“Despite the quality of chemists in offshore CROs, there are often performance issues caused by communication and cultural differences,” they maintained. “In order to ensure quality and timeliness in the contracted work, pharmaceutical companies are usually forced to dedicate senior staff to manage these projects on-site or from Western research centres.”

“I believe this type of hybrid service fills an important need in our industry,” commented Peter Pekos, president and chief executive officer of Dalton Pharma Services. “In ProCitius we have the ideal partner: well-established; large FTE [full-time equivalent] headcount; excellent facilities and infrastructure; robust documentation; and a reputation for high ethical and environmental standards.”