Logistics market leader DHL has consolidated its offering as a provider of clinical trial logistics by doubling its number of global depots from eight to sixteen over the last four years.

The company’s Clinical Trials Logistics (CTL) service now extends to 64 countries worldwide, while the network of global depots has expanded to include India, China, Panama, Canada, the US, Chile, Argentina and Lebanon.

This enhances DHL’s capacity to support global clinical research projects including ‘mega-trials’ for pharmaceuticals and vaccines, it noted. It also adds value to customers’ supply chains by scaling down the client’s distribution network into fewer supply points that can deliver to a growing number of geographically diverse end-destinations.

“Clinical research is becoming increasingly global and so is the demand for clinical trials logistics,” commented Chris Tierney, director of the CTL service at DHL Supply Chain. “Over the last four years, we have met this challenge by doubling our depot network while providing a consistent quality of standards, processes, capabilities and pricing. We are confident that we can play a key role in the further globalisation of clinical trials to help accelerate the discovery of new and groundbreaking treatments.”

DHL said further clinical trial depots, such as a Middle East multi-market hub, may be added to the network if demand arises.