A call for research papers has gone out from ecancermedicalscience, an open-access online journal launched last September by the European Institute of Oncology in partnership with the European Cancer Organisation.

The journal aims to improve communications between all sectors of the cancer community as well as publishing the latest cancer research free of charge. In particular, it wants to see more interaction between pharmaceutical companies and oncologists, commenting: “Many of the advanced life-changing drugs which we take for granted would not exist without the huge capital reserves offered by large multinationals.”

That cancer treatment would benefit from increased co-operation between the pharmaceutical industry and academics is an idea promoted not only by ecancermedicalscience but by the European Union’s recent decision formally to adopt the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the journal noted.

“There has never been a more important time for academia to get back in bed with pharmas,” said Professor Gordon McVie, managing editor of ecancermedicalscience.

Further details on the journal and how to submit research can be found at www.ecancermedicalscience.com.