Later this week the European Medicines Agency will present key findings of a major five-year project exploring how to improve the assessment of medicines in the region.

The Pharmacoepidemiological Research on Outcomes of Therapeutics by a European Consortium (PROTECT) was set up to investigate how to strengthen the monitoring of medicines’ benefit-risk profiles through innovative methods. 

The public-private partnership, coordinated by EMA and GlaxoSmithKline and funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking, consists of 34 partners including national medicines authorities, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

PROTECT results may significantly influence practices in pharmacovigilance and benefit-risk evaluation, the EMA said, noting that during 2015 it will therefore “systematically scrutinise PROTECT’s research outputs in order to identify priority results that are robust and which if implemented, have the greatest potential to positively impact public health”.

The EMA will host and broadcast a symposium on 19 and 20 February at which key findings and how they can be applied will be discussed.