The 27th DIA EuroMeeting in Paris, 13-15 April 2015, will be a landmark event. 

It is 50 years since the first European pharmaceutical legislation and 50 years since the founding of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare. DIA recognises these pivotal events in European healthcare with two special sessions at this year’s EuroMeeting.  

Firstly, there is a Regulatory Town Hall Meeting, entitled “European Pharmaceutical Legislation at 50”. Moderated by Fernand Sauer, first executive director of the European Medicines Agency, it features speakers from the EMA, national regulatory bodies and European patient advocacy. They will discuss the benefits delivered by 50 years of European pharmaceutical legislation and how future legislation can shape innovation.

In the second special session, Susanne Keitel, director at EDQM, will look at its achievements in the last 50 years, and how it will tackle the challenges posed by globalisation and technical and scientific advances.

A recent article in Nature magazine highlighted where the EuroMeeting really adds value. It pointed out the pivotal role of DIA events in providing conduits for drug development professionals to engage with patients – a vital part of the process of changing the R&D approach. With patient advocates leading individual sessions and participating in panels, the 2015 EuroMeeting provides the basis for effective future collaboration. 

The opening plenary will feature large in most attendees’ agendas. It will discuss “Advancing Innovation to Combat the Global Burden of Disease: A Call to Action”. The keynote speakers are Olivier Charmeil, executive vice president vaccines at Sanofi and Professor Andrew Morris, University of Edinburgh and centre director at the Farr Institute. The panel features David Haerry, board of directors, European AIDS Treatment Group, Hugo Hurts, executive director, Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) in the Netherlands and Guido Rasi, principal adviser at the European Medicines Agency.

The remainder of the EuroMeeting programme offers substantial added value, built around the five core competencies of clinical development; pharmacovigilance, regulatory, health economics and quality and safety. 

The programme features 12 themes:

1. New R&D models and innovative clinical trial methodologies – the role of the new clinical trials legislation

2. Medical devices and combination products

3. Advanced therapies, novel treatments for rare diseases

4. Early dialogue with regulators and HTA bodies on innovative medicines

5. Collaborative consortia, IMI and the way to horizon 2020 

6. Implementing innovation – globally conducive regulatory policies

7. Special development pathways in paediatrics, the elderly and in pregnancy

8. Translational medicine and regulatory science

9. Big data, mobile health

10. Innovation in vaccine development

11. Availability of medicinal products: drug shortages

12. Pharmacovigilance in 2015 – poised for convergence of innovation 

With more than 75 individual sessions, there will be enough to fill all agendas. Attendees can fill remaining gaps by visiting the joint EuroMeeting and Clinical Forum Exhibition, with more than 130 companies and service providers.

Should your organisation wish to register a group, contact DIA to discuss discount possibilities.

To download the detailed programme, visit the DIA website.

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