The world’s leading research company in human viral challenge models, Retroscreen Virology has just announced it will be a gold sponsor at this year’s World Vaccine Congress.

Into its 15th year, the World Vaccine Congress takes place between 7-9 April in Washington, USA. The event invites representatives from the industry to speak and share their knowledge at whole sector sessions across a three-day period. Brand new for 2015, there will also be seven focused co-located conferences to make sure visitors can sit in on a session which is specifically relevant to their job role. 

Retroscreen Virology will have a significant presence at the event and as well as hosting an exhibitors booth, Dr Martin E Johnson, Senior Medical Director at the company, will be leading a session on “Human Viral Challenge Studies: accelerating drug development”.

Retroscreen Virology (“Retroscreen”) is a leading UK life sciences company pioneering a technology platform called hVIVO and committed to developing the next generation of drugs and vaccines for a number of respiratory diseases. Retroscreen has carried out 40 clinical studies, involving more than 85 separate quarantines and more than 1800 volunteers for a range of leading industry, governmental and academic clients.

Marketing Director Colin Paterson said: “We are looking forward to attending World Vaccine Congress 2015. 

“I am delighted that we will have the opportunity to raise awareness of Retroscreen’s pioneering Human Viral Challenge Model and that Dr Johnson will have the chance to speak during the industry session sponsored by Retroscreen on day three of the conference.”

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Retroscreen Virology Group PLC, founded in 1988, is a leading life sciences company in the UK. Retroscreen has coordinated studies in influenza, the common cold (HRV) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and is now developing the hVIVO model to expand out into studies using patient volunteers who already have an existing condition, such as asthma or COPD. Retroscreen Virology is committed to creating the next generation of drugs and vaccines for respiratory diseases.

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