US-based clinical research organisation (CRO) Global Research Services (GRS) is collaborating with biopharmaceutical industry veteran Dr Peter Milner on a new service designed to provide funding and other support for companies that are having problems moving their products beyond mid-stage clinical trials.

The new tailored programme involves hooking up biotechnology or biopharmaceutical developers with key potential investors while integrating their service needs with providers to accelerate clinical development. It will be managed by Dr Milner, who is co-inventor and developer of five novel drugs as well as having co-founded CV Therapeutics, ARYx Therapeutics and Optivia Biotechnology.

“Typically, biotech and biopharmaceutical developers have the resources to take their products through Phase I/IIA,” Dr Milner commented. “The difficulty is taking it through late stage Phase II and beyond.”

At this point, he explained, GRS “connects developers with key potential investors or corporate partners, while optimising study designs and providing on-the-ground services for executing clinical programs. We provide a powerful answer to any emerging biotech seeking capital and development solutions.”

A division of GRSworldwide LLC, Rockville, Maryland-headquartered GRS is an international CRO with offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The company specialises in cardiovascular, renal and metabolic research with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products and medical devices.