As of this morning – Friday May 20 – the current recorded case count for COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the UK has hit 269,127 with 37,837 deaths.

GSK says it intends to manufacture 1 billion doses of its pandemic vaccine adjuvant system next year to support the development of multiple adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

The UK drugs giant believes its pandemic adjuvant technology could make 'a significant contribution' in the fight against COVID-19, by potentially reducing the amount of vaccine protein required per dose, thus allowing more vaccine doses to be produced.

Additionally, it noted that an adjuvant can enhance the immune response and has been shown to create 'a stronger and longer-lasting immunity against infections'.

The company says it has prioritised efforts towards making its pandemic adjuvant technology available to partners developing promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates that are suitable for use with an adjuvant.

To date, it has formed several collaborations, including with scientific partners in North America, Europe and China, to develop vaccines, and discussions with other potential partners on further collaborations are ongoing.

GSK will manufacture, fill and finish adjuvant for use in COVID-19 vaccines at sites in the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

“We believe that our innovative pandemic adjuvant technology has the potential to help improve the efficacy and scale up of multiple COVID-19 vaccines,” said Roger Connor, president, GSK Global Vaccines. “With this significant expansion in our manufacturing capacity, we can help deliver up to 1 billion doses of adjuvanted vaccines through 2021, helping protect many more people and support the global effort to fight COVID-19.”