UK patients are set to benefit from a wide range of new healthcare technologies approved by the NHS Innovation Accelerator scheme, designed to create the conditions and culture changes necessary to accelerate adoption of cutting-edge solutions and thus boost patient care.

NHS England’s medical director Bruce Keogh has today unveiled seventeen successful applicants of the scheme, which can each now tap into a wide range of support to roll out their technologies and processes to patients across the country, including: funding; mentorship; and connection to the Academic Health Science Networks and ‘test-bed’ sites able to integrate innovations within local contexts and institutions.

The successful innovations include a smartphone heart monitor that will remove the need for people with undiagnosed heart palpitations and other cardiac complaints to make unnecessary and costly repeat visits to hospitals and GPs, and speed up diagnosis from weeks to seconds. 

Also on the winning list is an electronic monitor that helps prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia, a leading cause of death for more than 50% of patients with the condition. Patients with VAP also have significantly longer stays in intensive care, costing as much as £12,000 per unit, so the monitor has the potential to save some serious cash as well as patient lives.

Jo Bibby, Director of Strategy at scheme partner The Health Foundation, said “it’s hugely exciting to see the potential of this programme and its likely longer-term impact on the experience of patients”.

“Creating a critical mass of experts all with a common goal can yield excellent results for our health service, its delivery and future shape”.