A new Clinical Trials Co-Ordinating Centre officially opened yesterday (19 September) in the University of Hertfordshire’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences.

The co-ordinating centre, the first in the UK county and part of the university’s Postgraduate Medical School, is designed to be a centre of excellence and support for researchers conducting trials and other clinical studies locally, nationally and internationally. Under the clinical direction of Professor Nigel Baber, it will take a particular interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The centre will be a focal point for advice on, support of, participation in and management of clinical research across the counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. It will work with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC), the National Health Service and the UK government to offer a range of clinical support structures.

“Clinical research in the UK has suffered due to poor organisation and lack of funding,” Professor Baber commented. “Our Centre, one of many set up around the UK to support the UKCRC, aims to participate in clinical research within the UKCRC portfolio, as well as supporting studies initiated by researchers in the University and the NHS.”