Male impotence sufferers can as of today get access to Eli Lilly’s erectile dysfunction pill Cialis Once-A-Day - the first oral daily medication designed to enable the initiation of sexual intercourse at any time - following its introduction to the UK market.

Cialis (tadalafil) Once-A-Day offers an important benefit over its ‘on-demand’ predecessor and rivals Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) in that each pill’s action lasts for 24 hours, eradicating the need to plan ahead and thereby allowing couples more freedom in their sexual relationship.

“Existing oral treatments for impotence require an element of forward planning. This new daily treatment may allow some men suffering from impotence to respond freely to their partner any time, which could eliminate the pressure of limiting sexual relations to a timetable set around taking a tablet,” explained Mr Suks Minhas, a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist.

Cialis Once-A-Day was approved in Europe in July 2007 on the back of data from three Phase III studies of men with ED who took tadalafil 2.5mg and 5mg once daily “without regard to their timing of sexual activity” and experienced improved erectile function compared with those taking placebo.

According to Lilly, research shows that 75% of impotence sufferers dislike having "to plan or schedule sex" and 79% using oral ED therapies don’t find planned sex exciting, so Cialis Once-A-Day’s ability to address these concerns could help it gain a serious slice of the UK ED market.

A company spokesperson told PharmaTimes UK News that the cost of a month's supply of Cialis Once-A-Day will cost £55 compared with £50 for an 8-tablet supply of Cialis 20mg for on-demand dosing.