The UK’s Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) can now award qualifying members Chartered Scientist (CSci) status after being accepted as a licensed body of the Science Council.

The ICR said it had been working on the accreditation for some time as part of its efforts to ensure “consistently high standards of practice and continuing professional development for scientists and technologists throughout their careers”. The Science Council is a membership organisation representing learned societies and professional institutions across the spectrum of science in the UK.

The classes of membership granted by the ICR rise on the basis of academic qualifications and relevant experience, from Affiliate to Registered Member (RICR), through Professional Member (MICR) to Fellow (FICR). The new licence will allow the Institute to award Chartered Scientist status to members who meet the standards for that designation. They must be a practising Professional Member or Fellow of ICR, have an MSc or higher degree, and be registered on a recognised continuing professional development scheme.

Chartered Scientist has just been accepted for inclusion in the list of recognised professions under EU Directive 89/48/EC, the ICR notes. The directive is concerned mainly with enabling workforce mobility between member states and will permit Chartered Scientists to maintain recognition of their Chartered status when working in other European Union or European Economic Area countries.